Walk at Home for a Safe and Effective Aerobic Workout

If you can’t afford a treadmill and walking outside is not a viable option because of weather or location, you can still get all the health benefits of walking if you walk at home. It may sound silly, but walking at home to lose weight, get fit, or rehabilitate an injury is an increasingly popular way to get the benefits of walking without the mess.

Walking at home is a fun variation on aerobic workouts. Fitness expert Leslie Sansone has even developed a website devoted to walk at home workouts. Her energetic and inspirational videos demonstrate countless aerobic workout techniques that will tone your body and mind without you leaving the safety and comfort of your home.

Home walking exercise techniques include popular aerobic exercise moves that enhance muscle tone, increase cardiovascular health, and help you lose weight, including:

  • Side stepping
  • Step-kick techniques
  • Posture exercises
  • Backward and forward walking
  • Sit into step moves
  • Intense arm workouts
  • And many more

Here’s one of Leslie’s popular YouTube videos demonstrating a 45-minute walk at home workout:

Mall Walking Is a Great Way to Beat the Weather and Have Fun with Friends

Walking in extremely cold or hot weather is not a pleasant or effective way to walk for exercise. In fact, working out in extreme weather can be dangerous. In winter, you could suffer frostbite or hypothermia, as your clothes get damp from sweat. In summer, walking in extreme heat dramatically increases your risk of heat stroke, which can be fatal.

One solution to walking in extreme weather is mall walking. It gets you out of extreme weather and away from other common walking hazards such as traffic. Malls offer a secure, climate-controlled environment with restrooms and water close at hand.

Many shopping malls across America encourage mall walking with walking clubs, special store discounts and benefits, health check-ups, and other rewards. Most open the mall early in the morning, before most of the stores are even open, giving mall walkers free reign in the mall’s long, clean spaces. In addition, mall walking is more social because you usually join an informal, regular walking group. Walking with a group helps motivate you to keep exercising.

Unlike walking outside on public sidewalks or in public parks, mall walking means you are walking on private property. Therefore, you should be aware of some basic rules about mall walking. Walking around a mall 6 or 7 days per week during regular shopping hours will usually be frowned upon by the mall’s management. Usually the mall will open its doors to mall walkers in the 2 hours before the stores open. But if you’re polite and stay out of the way of shoppers, you can usually get a good solo workout in a mall at any time.

But you’ll get the most out of mall walking if you adhere to the mall’s rules and join a mall walking club. Check your local mall’s website for more info or ask someone at the mall if they have a mall walking club.