Walking Clubs Turn Walking for Fitness into a Real Life Social Network

Walking for exercise is something you can do almost anywhere. You can explore the Great Outdoors or your hometown while getting fit. You can use gym treadmills or even buy your own so the weather won’t be a factor. Many people think of walking as a solitary form of fitness, but it doesn’t have to be. Walking clubs are a great way to get more from walking.

In a walking club, you will have more reasons to stay motivated and keep to your walking schedule. People walking in a small group motivate and inspire each other to stick with it and achieve their fitness goals. If you find yourself getting bored working out alone the same way every day, walking clubs are the antidote. Unlike a gym membership, most walking clubs are free to join. All you have to do is participate.

Walking clubs are social organizations as well as fitness clubs. You can make many new friends and reconnect with old friends in a walking club. Walking with friends and cohorts brings out the best in your workout potential. Walking club members share route ideas, cross-training tips, product reviews, and more. In a walking club, you will look forward to walking with your new and old friends, and the exertion and effort you need for a good walking workout will come easier than if you’re walking alone.

One of the best benefits of walking is that your mood is improved. You will feel more energetic and want to share your good mood with others. Walking clubs give you the opportunity to share your good health while improving your health.

Find Local Walking Clubs on the Internet or Create Your Own Neighborhood Group

Walking clubs are everywhere. The challenge is finding one in your area you feel comfortable with. The American Heart Association sponsors many local walking clubs. Another popular option is Meetup.com, a site that specializes in bringing like-minded people together. Meetup is easy to search by city for clubs in line with your interests. Some walking clubs focus on similar likes its members share and advertise for new members on websites like Meetup.

If you can’t find an appropriate walking club online, consider starting your own. You don’t need a fancy website and don’t have to spend a lot of money to start your own walking club. Post flyers in coffee shops, libraries, and parks in your area. Explain the kinds of walking partners you’re looking for:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Seniors
  • Mall walkers
  • Nature lovers
  • Sports lovers
  • Morning walkers
  • Lunch-hour walkers
  • Night walkers
  • Charity walkers

Like everything about walking for health and fitness, the only limit is your imagination. If walking alone is not your bag, don’t get bored! Stay motivated and join a walking club near you.