Walking Vacations Show You the World from the Ground Up

The beauty of walking is that you can do it anywhere you are. You can exercise at home or on vacation. You don’t need to lug any clumsy equipment around, and you can even design your vacation around walking sites such as parks or historic places. Like everything to do with walking, walking vacations are only limited by your imagination.

Consider these ideas when planning your next vacation. You can plan to walk everywhere you go in an exciting city or stay in a national park and hike its trails every day.

  • Explore cities like New York and San Francisco on foot
  • Visit Yellowstone National Park and explore all the hiking trails
  • Take nature walks from your beachfront hotel every day
  • Explore America’s Civil War battlefields on foot
  • Hike the Appalachian Trail, which snakes through a dozen states
  • Take an international walking vacation to Europe or Asia

With a good map and guide book, you can design your own walking vacation and really see your destination in new light. When you visit another city, for example, forget about renting a car or spending a fortune on taxis and hike the streets. You’ll need to be careful, of course, that you don’t stray into a high crime area in a strange city, but every hotel has a concierge who can give you destination ideas.

Naturally, state and national parks are bejeweled with miles of well-maintained hiking trails that make great walking vacations. When walking in a remote park, however, take care to bring plenty of water. Inform park rangers of your destination and expected return time. The farther you are from civilization, the higher your risk of finding yourself in a survival situation, so communication is vital to get the most from nature walking vacations.

Walking Vacations with Structured Itineraries

Designing your own walking vacation can be challenging. But you can leave the uncertainty behind when you sign up for an organized walking tour. Many companies offer walking vacations with structured itineraries. Some offer paid guides who accompany your party and provide valuable background information and insights.

Chances are, you can book an exciting and challenging walking vacation almost anywhere in the world. Many structured walking vacations are designed for specific kinds of walkers, from beginners to experienced nature hikers.

  • Explore Hawaii with an experienced hiking guide
  • Follow Wordsworth’s footsteps with a walking tour of England’s Lake District
  • Hike the Continental Divide in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains
  • See the Grand Canyon like you’ve never seen in before—on foot
  • Take a guided walking tour of historic Philadelphia or Boston
  • Explore historic cities around the world: Paris, London, Rome, Hong Kong

Structured walking vacations are becoming more popular and are surprisingly affordable. Contact a travel agent or search the Internet for more ideas about structured walking vacations.